English to Kurmanji Meaning of catch - girtin

Catch :

girtin, xweyîkirina, rawestan, gelxwehiştinî, bîlye, tewqîf, girêdidan, binçavkirinî, mendel, derzî, îengel, xeniqandin, sîno, paarastin, himbêzkirinî, hûnan

girtin, rawestan, raneweste, wergirtin, pêbûn, kanibe li ser, dest li, dest li ser, têgihîştin, stendin, bidestxistin, bigirin, tewqîf, qûrincik, bêdengman, bigirin ser, westiyane, hilgirtin, sicinkirin, lê haybûn

girtincatchercatcherstawêxwe bigehîneCatchingsHinan ji
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Definitions of catch in English
Noun(1) a drawback or difficulty that is not readily evident(2) the quantity that was caught(3) a person regarded as a good matrimonial prospect(4) anything that is caught (especially if it is worth catching(5) a break or check in the voice (usually a sign of strong emotion(6) a restraint that checks the motion of something(7) a fastener that fastens or locks a door or window(8) a cooperative game in which a ball is passed back and forth(9) the act of catching an object with the hands(10) the act of apprehending (especially apprehending a criminal
Verb(1) discover or come upon accidentally, suddenly, or unexpectedly; catch somebody doing something or in a certain state(2) perceive with the senses quickly, suddenly, or momentarily(3) reach with a blow or hit in a particular spot(4) take hold of so as to seize or restrain or stop the motion of(5) succeed in catching or seizing, especially after a chase(6) to hook or entangle(7) attract and fix(8) capture as if by hunting, snaring, or trapping(9) reach in time(10) get or regain something necessary, usually quickly or briefly(11) catch up with and possibly overtake(12) be struck or affected by(13) check oneself during an action(14) hear, usually without the knowledge of the speakers(15) see or watch(16) cause to become accidentally or suddenly caught, ensnared, or entangled
Examples of catch in English
(1) The Welsh terrier is a rough-coated animal with droopy ears, originally bred in Wales to catch rats, mice and other vermin.(2) So far 12 students have gone down with the virus and college staff say that unless all students are vaccinated more could catch the disease.(3) If you get a chance - like, you're at home during the day, or babysitting, or a student, or something - catch an episode.(4) Every time there's even a semblance of running water, we put something under the faucet to catch the precious drops.(5) I am afraid if we wait any longer, the fall rains will catch us.(6) Then, to my horror, I discovered there was a catch : You could only use your copy of this font with a single printer!(7) You don't want them looking at the table and thinking: Chelsea are too far ahead for us to catch them.(8) There was a little catch in Brian's voice when he responded after a long silence.(9) At the end of that week, Pip drops Herbert off to catch his ship to Cairo.(10) He dismounted just in time to catch her as she fell, and as a blanket was drawn about her, she instantaneously fell into a deep sleep.(11) it was a great catch(12) Andrew yelled as he ran to catch her before she fell to the deck.(13) Try as Emilion might, he could not teach me to throw and catch the pesky things properly.(14) The first two Toyota pickups we got into wouldn't start, even with eight men rocking them to get the engine to catch .(15) I raise my hand to smooth my hair back, catch some of it over my ear, but when I carry my hand near my hair it crackles and dances away in the dry wind.(16) The last thing you want to do is lose the ball after a good catch .
Related Phrases of catch
(1) catch up ::
qerebû kirin
(2) catch on ::
kanibe li ser
(3) to catch ::
(4) catch fire ::
agir pê
(5) catch a cold ::
serma girtin
(6) catch up on ::
kanibe xwe li ser
(7) catch cold ::
kanibe sar
(8) catch it ::
negire ew
(9) catch a bus ::
dafik a bus
(10) catch sight of ::
de negire ber
1. haul ::
2. latch ::
3. snag ::
4. gimmick ::
5. stop ::
6. pinch ::
7. snap ::
8. match ::
9. seize ::
10. capture ::
11. become trapped ::
12. be in time for ::
di wextê de ji bo bibin
13. discover ::
14. engage ::
re mijûl
15. perceive ::
lê haybûn
16. hear ::
17. evoke ::
18. hit ::
19. become infected with ::
vegirtî bi bibin
20. ignite ::
21. get ::
22. take in ::
bigire li
24. hitch ::
25. take hold of ::
27. catch up with ::
kanibe xwe bi
28. view ::
1. miss ::
Different Forms
catch, catcher, catchers, catches, catching, catchings, catchy
Word Example from TV Shows
- I'm the captain of his guard.
- I'm sorry. I didn't catch your name, Ser...

- I'm the captain of his guard. - I'm sorry. I didn't CATCH your name, Ser...

Game of Thrones Season 1, Episode 4

Every time they flip a shrimp in the air,
she practically leaps out of her seat to catch it.

Every time they flip a shrimp in the air, she practically leaps out of her seat to CATCH it.

The Big Bang Theory Season 8, Episode 8

All right, just toss it up and catch it
a few times, get comfortable with it.

All right, just toss it up and CATCH it a few times, get comfortable with it.

The Big Bang Theory Season 10, Episode 22

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
You go ahead, I'll catch up with you.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. You go ahead, I'll CATCH up with you.

The Big Bang Theory Season 9, Episode 14

The crows would never catch us.

The crows would never CATCH us.

Game of Thrones Season 2, Episode 6

English to Kurmanji Dictionary: catch

Meaning and definitions of catch, translation in Kurmanji language for catch with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of catch in Kurmanji and in English language.

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