English to Kurmanji Meaning of screen - rûber

Screen :

lihêv, rûber, fîlm, sînema, picture motion, perde, roşana, kefenê, çarşef, devik, namûs, rûmet, nefsbiçûkî, berî, pehnahiya, parbûnî, dîwar

dexl, bender, parastin, xanî, lihêv, rûber, binerdkirin, holika, bigirim,, kor, ręwîtiya, gehîştin, niç lê, helperkîn, lihevderketin

rûbertêne nîşandayînfîlmkişandinanîşandanênAksîyonên bi
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Definitions of screen in English
Noun(1) a white or silvered surface where pictures can be projected for viewing(2) a protective covering that keeps things out or hinders sight(3) the display that is electronically created on the surface of the large end of a cathode-ray tube(4) a covering that serves to conceal or shelter something(5) a protective covering consisting of netting; can be mounted in a frame(6) the personnel of the film industry(7) a strainer for separating lumps from powdered material or grading particles(8) partition consisting of a decorative frame or panel that serves to divide a space
Verb(1) test or examine for the presence of disease or infection(2) examine methodically(3) examine in order to test suitability(4) project onto a screen for viewing(5) prevent from entering(6) separate with a riddle, as grain from chaff(7) protect, hide, or conceal from danger or harm
Examples of screen in English
(1) his jeep was discreetly parked behind a screen of trees(2) Witnesses who were deemed to be vulnerable would be allowed to give evidence from behind a screen or from a room outside the court via video link.(3) The room was perfunctory, with a bed and wardrobe, and behind a privacy screen lay a simple bathroom.(4) If England and/or Ireland qualify for the semi-finals, both broadcasters would screen both matches live.(5) Instead you're usually left calling for a screen instead of the computer recognizing the situation.(6) A satellite in Earth orbit charted his progress on a full-color street grid displayed on the screen of his cell phone.(7) Can you enjoy reading the source book after seeing the screen adaptation?(8) Midway through the movie, Haskell and Mark appear on screen filming each other.(9) The books are lovingly maintained, and kept on shelves behind a protective screen .(10) he is interviewed on screen(11) I climbed the porch steps we had painted and tapped the screen door conscientiously.(12) the world's largest movie screen(13) We should be free to screen films which people like and which protect our sector.(14) her hair swung across to screen her face(15) Another option is move the path to the school's eastern boundary and build a high fence, wall or hedge to screen the school.(16) the article is using science as a screen for unexamined prejudice
Related Phrases of screen
(1) touch screen ::
screen touch
(2) screen capture ::
girtina dîmendera
(3) the screen ::
the screen
(4) computer screen ::
ekrana kompîtura
(5) screen door ::
derî screen
(6) screen size ::
screen size
(7) screen resolution ::
Versyonekî screen
(8) screen out ::
ekranê, ji
(9) display screen ::
screen display
1. partition ::
2. display ::
3. mesh ::
4. buffer ::
5. sieve ::
6. filmdom ::
7. cover ::
8. screen door ::
derî screen
9. blind ::
10. silver screen ::
screen zîv
11. partition ::
12. conceal ::
13. vet ::
14. check ::
15. sieve ::
16. show ::
17. riddle ::
18. test ::
19. block out ::
bloke kirin
20. shield ::
Different Forms
screen, screened, screening, screenings, screens
Word Example from TV Shows
Howard, Howard, look at the DVD screen.

Howard, Howard, look at the DVD SCREEN.

The Big Bang Theory Season 10, Episode 6



The Big Bang Theory Season 2, Episode 9

I even have a screen grab on my phone.

I even have a SCREEN grab on my phone.

The Big Bang Theory Season 10, Episode 6

- He drops off a screen, out of bounds...
- Okay, a completed pass.

- He drops off a SCREEN, out of bounds... - Okay, a completed pass.

The Big Bang Theory Season 3, Episode 6

He's coming. Screen saver.

He's coming. Screen saver.

The Big Bang Theory Season 2, Episode 1

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