English to Kurmanji Meaning of advance - pêşveçûn

Advance :

pêşveçûn, bi hinceta, berdêl, pêşverûtî, Pêşveçûn, barkirin, pêşveçûnî, SGDF'ê, lihevderketin, zêdekirin, bilindkirin, hebûnî, serrastkirinî, zêdebûnî, tevgera xwe pêşve, sened, berdewam, pêşvebirin, zûbûnî, nanik, Berdewam bike, herin pêş, nêzîkbûhatinî, pêşçûn, serrastkirin, gihîştin, kulîlkan bide, çi baş, kêliyê de, baştir, dewlemend bike, çandin, ber bi pêş, amade, kirinê,, pêşnîyar, mezin bûn, mezinbûn, li ser zêdebûna be, gîhan, çîçeka, harabe, pêşda bên, nasname, herin li, lihev kirin, here pêş, kirin, çoyekî ji, em pîkolên

pêşveçûn, yekem, vê û ya berî, pêşve

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Definitions of advance in English
Noun(1) a movement forward(2) a change for the better; progress in development(3) a tentative suggestion designed to elicit the reactions of others(4) the act of moving forward (as toward a goal(5) an amount paid before it is earned(6) increase in price or value
Verb(1) move forward, also in the metaphorical sense(2) bring forward for consideration or acceptance(3) increase or raise(4) contribute to the progress or growth of(5) cause to move forward(6) obtain advantages, such as points, etc.(7) develop in a positive way(8) develop further(9) give a promotion to or assign to a higher position(10) pay in advance(11) move forward(12) rise in rate or price
Adjective(1) being ahead of time or need(2) situated ahead or going before
Examples of advance in English
(1) The Chin army began a systematic advance at the same moment that their retreating chariots wheeled and fell on the Tzu-hsi's exposed flanks.(2) Oil prices will almost certainly not advance in the next 12 months to the same extent as they have in the past year.(3) But to advance our knowledge such views need to be supported by rigorous analytical reasoning and the dispassionate gathering of cases and data.(4) A man can lose a contract from publishers by spending their advance on finishing a book for another publisher.(5) The lines of advance for combined units and units should be selected with the idea to first of all capture the objectives on which the stability of defense hinges.(6) People could gamble without panicking and planning to re-mortgage their home, or dashing out to get an advance on their paycheck from the corner money store.(7) The purpose of the current investigation was to advance the empirical basis for understanding service provision to the homeless population.(8) Record companies advance money for recording costs and provide limited marketing services for the music that artists conceive and create.(9) This will, in some cases, mean more budget will be spent to advance these projects in 2008 and 2009.(10) Everyone knew tomorrow's mission involved an armored advance against possible heavy enemy defenses.(11) If you receive a bonus payment, which is essentially an advance on your royalties, that will be separate property.(12) The next morning Nataraj asked for an advance on his salary to buy rice, and kerosene for the little stove we provide. I gave it to him.(13) Surely, a division of labor is essential if we are to advance the frontiers of knowledge; we need technical experts focused on specific fields of investigation.(14) But they also have the effect of preventing the customer from getting the loan quickly, especially since the charge document has to be complete in all respects before the advance copy is sent.(15) Security elements must check out all suspected ambush areas prior to the advance of the main element.(16) The group has rejected any talk of a settlement for now despite calls for conciliatory gestures to advance the peace plan.
Related Phrases of advance
(1) in advance ::
pêşîyê da
(2) advance payment ::
peredana pêşde
(3) to advance ::
bi pêş ve
(4) payment in advance ::
peredana di pêş
(5) cash advance ::
(6) advance notice ::
(7) pay in advance ::
pêşde didî
(8) cash in advance ::
cash di pêş
(9) in advance of ::
di pêş
1. progress ::
2. breakthrough ::
3. increase ::
4. down payment ::
peredana down
5. pass ::
6. betterment ::
7. cash advance ::
8. rise ::
9. approach ::
10. move forward ::
here pêş
11. bring forward ::
bînin pêş
12. promote ::
13. progress ::
14. put forward ::
ber bi pêş
15. lend ::
16. make headway ::
rewş baş
17. elevate ::
kêliyê de
18. gain ::
20. supercharge ::
22. preliminary ::
23. early ::
24. advanced ::
25. beforehand ::
ji berê de
1. borrow ::
Different Forms
advance, advanced, advancement, advancements, advances, advancing
Word Example from TV Shows
you spoil it in advance.

you spoil it in ADVANCE.

The Big Bang Theory Season 9, Episode 13

Infantry, advance.

Infantry, ADVANCE.

Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 9

Oh, yes. But there's usually planning,
courtship, advance notice.

Oh, yes. But there's usually planning, courtship, ADVANCE notice.

The Big Bang Theory Season 1, Episode 5

I made a written record request
72 hours in advance.

I made a written record request 72 hours in ADVANCE.

The Big Bang Theory Season 5, Episode 19

I had to give Howie an advance
on his allowance.

I had to give Howie an ADVANCE on his allowance.

The Big Bang Theory Season 7, Episode 14

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