English to Kurmanji Meaning of flush - kîmyavî

Flush :

heyecaneke, kîmyavî, Bakurê Îrlandê, derûnîya, dewlemendî, bi peyatî, Eşkerebûna, pêşkêşî, hêzbûna, dergeh, ciwanan gwînê, birq, rohnî dike, birîna şewatê, ronîtîrêj, lihevxistin, gûr, ronahiya, Redden

kîmyavî, doz, barkirin,, tije, cih:, tevî, lhevderketî, giş, giştî, hemî, bi awayekî kamil

kîmyavî, hema hema, nêzîkî

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Definitions of flush in English
Noun(1) the period of greatest prosperity or productivity(2) a rosy color (especially in the cheeks(3) sudden brief sensation of heat (associated with menopause and some mental disorders(4) a poker hand with all 5 cards in the same suit(5) the swift release of a store of affective force(6) a sudden rapid flow (as of water(7) sudden reddening of the face (as from embarrassment or guilt or shame or modesty
Verb(1) turn red, as if in embarrassment or shame(2) flow freely(3) glow or cause to glow with warm color or light(4) make level or straight(5) rinse, clean, or empty with a liquid(6) irrigate with water from a sluice(7) cause to flow or flood with or as if with water
Adjective(1) of a surface exactly even with an adjoining one, forming the same plane(2) having an abundant supply of money or possessions of value
Adverb(1) squarely or solidly(2) in the same plane
Examples of flush in English
(1) Provisions in the Protection of Wild Mammals Act 2002 allowed for the use of dogs to flush foxes from cover for marksmen to shoot as a means of pest control.(2) Without rest, muscles do not receive enough oxygen and other nutrients from the blood and are unable to flush lactic acid and other metabolic wastes.(3) Computer applications like Microsoft Word have us trained that PC-screen content is always flush left?(4) Then trim the drawer fronts with a saw so the ends are flush with the drawer sides.(5) While both men have a long list of achievements to their credit, neither is in the first flush of youth.(6) The port and claret were laid down in happier times, when cash was flush and planning for the future mattered.(7) Everyone is impressed by the flush on an aeroplane toilet.(8) Tim beveled the slide stop and cut the pin flush with the right side of the frame.(9) They had only married two years ago, and Arthur still felt a quick flush of happy excitement whenever he thought of her.(10) It's a fair bet that most people who need spectacles are no longer in the first flush of youth, so could someone please explain why the choice was so universally cool and hip.(11) The 1.8-litre turbo has contemporary flush headlights and beefed-up haunches, the oval mouth replaced by a cheeky smile.(12) The solution is simple: white plexi strips mounted flush with the frame should provide the diffuse light I am looking for.(13) Showers and toilets were not separate, there was no toilet paper and in some cases no flush toilets.(14) When you flush the toilet, the cistern refills by pumping the water through the tap on top of the toilet, so you can wash your hands as it refills.(15) With neither of them in the first flush of youth, he worries about what will happen to his collection when he is gone.(16) After a moment, though, it became clear to me that it was a flush of rage as well as embarrassment.
Related Phrases of flush
(1) flush the toilet ::
kîmyavî tuwaletê
(2) flush out ::
kîmyavî, ji
(3) straight flush ::
kîmyavî, sererast
(4) flush toilet ::
tuwaletê kîmyavî
(5) flush left ::
çepê kîmyavî
(6) hot flush ::
kîmyavî, hot
(7) flush water ::
avê kîmyavî
(8) flush with ::
kîmyavî, bi
(9) flush royal ::
royal kîmyavî
(10) royal flush ::
kîmyavî royal
1. well supplied with ::
baş bi xwefl
2. plentiful ::
3. loaded ::
4. blush ::
5. bloom ::
6. hot flash ::
flash hot
7. outpouring ::
8. bang ::
9. blush ::
10. rinse ::
11. drive ::
12. sluice ::
13. even out ::
heta ji
14. purge ::
Different Forms
flush, flushed, flusher, flushes, flushest, flushing
Word Example from TV Shows
but I know how to flush him out.

but I know how to FLUSH him out.

Breaking Bad Season 5, Episode 13

- You can hear my toilet flush?
- I don't listen for it...

- You can hear my toilet FLUSH? - I don't listen for it...

The Big Bang Theory Season 4, Episode 18

I mean, I can hear the toilet flush
in your apartment.

I mean, I can hear the toilet FLUSH in your apartment.

The Big Bang Theory Season 4, Episode 18

I say we flush what we've got left
and we start tonight.

I say we FLUSH what we've got left and we start tonight.

Breaking Bad Season 2, Episode 12

At least go with me so you can
open the door and flush the urinal.

At least go with me so you can open the door and FLUSH the urinal.

The Big Bang Theory Season 4, Episode 23

English to Kurmanji Dictionary: flush

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